Film Expertise?

I have posted this on Twitter.  But I wanted to give my followers here a chance at answering this question too.  In the future I will write an ‘article’ here on my feelings and the results of my survey.  Here it is:

How many films is it really possible to be an expert at using?

While here in Arizona, I’ve been testing various films that I hadn’t used before (e.g. Silberra, Ilford FP4, the new Kodak E100),  In most cases for B&W I use Kodak T-MAX 400 and Ilford SFX-200; for color I’ve settled on Kodak Portra 400 (pending my results for E100).  I know these films well, and I usually get the expected results.  When I experiment with new films, the results are up in the air.  Yes with my ‘expert’ films I made early mistakes but worked through it. Now I wonder if it is worth the the time to learn about MORE films or stick with what works?  So let me restate the question:

What films do you use and how many do you feel it is possible to be an expert with?  Please leave a comment or vote on Twitter @AnalogPhotoBug, and look for the future article.

Kodak T-MAX 400:

The Symbol of My Journey

Kodak Portra 400:


Ilford SFX-200:


3 thoughts on “Film Expertise?”

  1. I saw your tweet poll and I answered 3-4. But I don’t know if I’m expert in any films. I know 3-4 reasonably well, meaning I know what to expect from them and when I shoot one of them in a new-to-me old camera the film is not a variable in the image equation. My films are Fujicolor 200, T-Max 400, Kodak Gold 200, and Kodak Tri-X 400, in order.

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  2. I’m at the 3-4 film level too. And that is where the survey seems to be landing. I think we all have a couple of favorite films (one color and one B&W) and a few additional films for special circumstances.


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