What I’ve learned about Lomo Purple, Pinholes and ………..

What I’ve learned is that Lomo Purple does not work well for long exposures or in bright sunlight.  I also think that the high altitude and stronger UV are a problem.  So my attempt to use Lomo Purple in my Diana Pinhole for Diana Day failed miserably.  The Featured image is the best one.  But not sure I’m going to post it on Instagram.


By the way, this is a Famous I.M Pei Biuilding in Boulder, Colorado.  Fortunately I was also shooting my 645 Fisheye with B&W film.  Those will post next week…….

So, other than avoiding all the conditions that I live with in Colorado (altitude, bright sunlight, high UV) any suggestions from other High Altitude Lomo Purple Users on getting better results?

I have posts from two more rolls of Lomo Purple coming soon…………

So we’ll end on a positive note with some purple loveliness taken with short exposure times (sun angle ~90 degrees):


2 thoughts on “What I’ve learned about Lomo Purple, Pinholes and ………..”

  1. Faaaaaaascinating. I have one roll of Purple that someone gave me. I see all these delicious purple-hued images all over the Internet but you’re the first person anywhere to warn against shooting in full sun. It’s good advice and when I get around to shooting my roll I’ll take it.

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  2. Please post your results. I’m thinking that living at higher altitude (Front Range Colorado) is also problematic. All of my Photography is between 5000 to 14,000 feet. I’m thinking the best results I see online are near sea level or closer to your elevation in Indiana. Sun Angle is critical though. I’m sure that when people get crappy photos they just don’t post or discuss them. My post has started a big discussion on Twitter…….


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