Retrospective: The Snowy Range, Wyoming

I have posted two earlier episodes, but have never explained what ‘Retrospective’ is about.  I have a Photo Diary Blog.  It shows what I am out and about doing, camera in hand.  There’s a lot posted over there that my followers here will probably never see.  So I am pulling out a ‘Best Of’ from that blog and calling it my Retrospective.





Planning a Twitter Film Photographer’s Meet up in south central Wyoming later this summer.

3 thoughts on “Retrospective: The Snowy Range, Wyoming”

    1. We found it almost by ‘accident’. Wanted to have a photographer’s trip there, to meet in person photographer’s that I’ve met on Twitter. Don’t think that is going to happen.


      1. Not this year, anyway. We’re hoping to go toward the end of summer, but I don’t know Wyoming itself is probably quite safe as there aren’t many people there (which I love), but getting there could be the problem. We’ll see.


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