For Palm Sunday: Inspired by Alyssa Chiarello

No Palms for Palm Sunday, but something to think about during our time of social distancing……..I recently read the Alyssa Chiarello article “5 Photo Books for the Quarantine Life“, as recommended by Jim Grey.  Social Distancing does not mean that you never go out unless your goal is to go crazy!

And so I have been inspired by Alyssa to go out and document what life has become under these quarantine conditions.  And as she suggests, look back at those photos in a few years and see what is different.  I decided to start with photos of my current state of being, AND the often called for Masks…….These are leftover from my days as a geochemist when I was processing rock samples for analysis.  Seems like they’ve found a new use.


It is also important to remember that  “stay-at-home” does not mean that you lock yourself up at home.  It means maintain proper social distancing when you do have to go out.  The need to go out includes getting some fresh air at the local parks, or taking a safe ride in the country.



4 thoughts on “For Palm Sunday: Inspired by Alyssa Chiarello”

  1. I went for a long drive yesterday. It was the first time I took my car beyond a half-mile of my home in almost a month. It was a little disorienting at first to be on the open road! But it did my spirit good.

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  2. Colorado has the stay home policy, but will allow you to take a drive in the country and go to more remote parks as long as we keep the proper social distance. So I’m trying to do that every Saturday. I am going to make masks for my Family though. This weeks sewing project.


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