Agricultural Heritage Center Barn


Above, a cropped Mamiya7 image with Portra 400.  Giving you a hint of the doors…..

Still figuring out the right distance for my RSS 6X9.  I’ll retake these standing a bit closer.  But it’s all about learning for My Inner Monet……..Read more about the Center Here.


Above and below, some very distant Doors……….We take our last look at Snow?


These image was actually from January 2020.


6 thoughts on “Agricultural Heritage Center Barn”

  1. I do love a beautiful barn! I was looking at photos of snow from the end of last year/the beginning of this one, before we moved to Arizona, and feeling a bit of nostalgia, truth be told. 🙂 Won’t be seeing any of that here!


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  2. I am glad to see snow again after living in the SE for a number of years, and then Coastal California. Got another Red Barn in my sights, and I’ll be returning to this one to work with my Pinhole cameras.


  3. Smiling at your “inner Monet” – when you visit me, you can see my inner Chagall:) Sure hope this is the last snow before next winter! I live on the countryside so this looks homey to me:)

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  4. Whenever I see one of those red barns my imagination goes wild. I wonder what such open space would be like converted to living space😊. A little nuts, perhaps but what and adventure that would be😊



  5. The last owner was a bachelor with no children and he wanted his farm preserved, so he sold it to Boulder County. The Denver Metro Area began preserving Open Spaces pre-WWI. Each County participates to it’s level of interest. Boulder County joined the process fairly early in the last Century.


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