Frugal Film Project: April 2020


This View no longer exists….Tree branches blew down to change it.  Not sure that the Park Services will take those branches away.  So we have captured a moment in time that is now gone…….


There are three locations at a nearby park where I test every ‘new’ camera and every ‘new’ film.  So I took my first roll of Lomo 800 to all of those three spots.


It was hard to decide which to pick, bit I think the Reflection does work best. The Boat Dock below, was taken at an odd angle and looks best with some cropping:



5 thoughts on “Frugal Film Project: April 2020”

    1. This is our ‘local’ reservoir. The waterlevel is knd of average in this image. Mid-summer it will drop some. But we get constant refills from the mountains. FYI it is snowing up there this weekend, so more water for the summer.

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    1. I test all my cameras and experimental films at the park near my home first. I have close to a dozed images from this spot, and there have been changes. At the end of the summer I will probably post a collage of me tree reflection and other scenes around the park.


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