Grand Unboxing: Kodak No. 1 Autographic Junior 13340

You may ask what possessed me to buy a circa 100 year old camera and expect it to work!  Especially one bought on Etsy, right?  Well my next post will allow you to make that judgement for yourself.  But for now, lets enjoy the ‘Grand Unboxing’:


A recent Petapixel article discusses a bit about the camera, but see the info for specs at the end.   Now for our first view of the camera:


The 120 film model was produced from 1913-1927.  I’m still investigating the exact age of mine, but it appears to be a 1913 model. Excellent!



Special Autographic Features.  But be aware that you really can’t use this feature anymore.  It required special film.


Read the Specs at Camerapedia:


7 thoughts on “Grand Unboxing: Kodak No. 1 Autographic Junior 13340”

  1. Nice! I see yours has the stylus also. Congratulations.

    I think the stylus will still work with modern film if you can respool the film onto the original spools. If the stylus pressure removes the emulsion you’ll still get a signature. It’s been a while since I did it.

    Finding any film may be difficult. I use 120 roll film and slit it or whatever needs done to make it fit, and respool it using old paper I saved to get frame numbers.

    Unfortunately Antique Film went out of business to the best of my knowledge. I had purchased proper size film there (about 15 years ago) or my Signature Kodaks.

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      1. I’ve actually taped over the stylus door to make sure there is not light leak. So Not sure that I will ever try to use it. I have a ‘Soldier’s Camera’ vintage WWI that belonged to my grandmother’s sister. Also an autographic model.

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      2. No poin in trying the wont work.There was special autographic film, long gone. Check for bellows leaks and shutter function and use it. The VPK is harder to check and film is rarer, but still usually usable


  2. This actually is a 120 film camera. 120 film goes back to the 1890’s I believe. I have a couple of 620, 127 and 828 film cameras. You can now buy the pre-cut film. Even Freestyle Photo Supplies has it and the Film Photography Project.

    I’ve thought about trying the stylus sometime…….


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