Loving End to a Rough Couple of Weeks

I hope the my readers are aware of what has been going on in Society.  All I can say is that an African-American Woman, if has had a powerful effect on me.  But Friday a lovely thing occurred.  I found the Stone and Note on my Door Step:


This was great to find after I discovered a disappointment at the Park on Friday.  First the Rock Tribute to Victims of COVID:


We had captured a Black Lives Matter Stone, placed there, we thought, because of how much harder the African American Community has been hit by COVID:


Last Friday this had been removed by someone who felt threatened and hateful.  But later that evening I found this Stone of Hope on my doorstep from a neighbor:


And My Day Ended Well!

3 thoughts on “Loving End to a Rough Couple of Weeks”

  1. That is good to hear. I’m just an old white guy from the suburbs, but the way minorities are treated in this country makes my heart ache. I have worked with Black and Latino men who couldn’t even drive across town in peace without being harassed by police. This must stop.

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  2. Definitely a good ending. I know that all police aren’t bad or racist, but I also know black men who have been stopped periodically for such heinous things as riding a bike, so I get that part of it as well. I’m looking forward to the day when the color (or in my case, lack thereof) of a person’s skin is only one of a number of adjectives describing the outward person (such as hair color, eye color, height, etc.) and not what supposedly defines everything about him/her. As MLK so rightly put it, it’s the character that counts. Here’s to that day!


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