The “Lost Roll” of Film Adventure

This is the story of my second roll of film through the 1913 Kodak No.1.  I roll I shot on Pinhole Day (although it was not a pinhole).  I was still testing the camera so I carried it along…..You can see some results from my first roll of film here.


I mailed my second roll, Ilford Ortho Plus (ISO 80) on April 28th and waited…..and waited……and waited.  By the end of May I was beginning to worry so I contacted them.  Well, you can read the correspondence at the end, I want to move on to the photos.  But it suffices to say that it took them 3+ months to find my film and they returned it with no acknowledgment of the problems and no apologies.  So They’ve lost my business, permanently.  Oh, I’ll use their film, but I won’t send it to them for processing.

Anyway, let’s move on……….Ans start with my Favorite Crucifix:


This was the original Cemetery for Denver.  And it was segregated by religion and race.  This was the Orthodox Section:


Another favorite Monument above……


I forget what the tree trunk symbolizes, but it is a XXXXXX


A view of the larger Cemetery Area………….above. There is another shot taken at another location.  So I will show that separately in a couple of days…….

Now for the horror of my former Film Lab.  Click on the image to enlarge and read:

Use Ilford Labs US at your own risk.  What I really resent is the lack of an Apology or any acknowledgment of a problem when they finally did find my film.

I’ll stick with OldSchoolLabs.  They do 90% of my work (we develop the other 10% ourselves) ……..I can certainly endorse them.



3 thoughts on “The “Lost Roll” of Film Adventure”

  1. I’m pretty sure Ilford/Harman outsource their US lab to The Darkroom. Both are in San Clemente, CA. Their order forms read like they were written by the same person.

    Second on OSPL, they’re great. However, their prices have risen to surprising heights in the last few years. I’ve switched to Fulltone Photo to process my color film — far less expensive. They did some of my b/w before I started doing it myself. I want to send them some E-6 and see how it goes.

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    1. I usually use OldSchoolLabs, even though they are expensive. But when the lockdown started, they fell far behind because of a opartial closing. So I tried to contact a few of the Labs on our old list. Most had the same lockdown problem. Did send a couple of rolls to the DarkRoom and the one roll to Ilford/Harman.

      I’ll be staying with OldSchool………..


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