Birthday Flowers from May

OK, so my Birthday was in May.  Those of us that use film know that rolls sometimes aren’t finished in a timely fashion.  But these were beautiful, sent to me by my eldest brother and his wife………….Back in May.  It was my 60th Birthday, so I wanted to highlight them:


From my X-700, HP5 Film and 50 mm Minolta MD f/3.5 Macros Lens.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Flowers from May”

  1. Happy belated birthday, even though you’re still behind me. 🙂 The flowers are gorgeous and I hope your celebration was as good. My husband’s birthday and mine are both in March. We got a big party in with friends from church before Covid set in and were planning the same for mine two weeks later. Unfortunately by that time, people weren’t getting together much, but two couples who are good friends celebrated with us, so that was still nice.


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