Santa Catalina Casino

First, let’s clarify the meaning of Casino. It really just means a gathering place, not a pace to gamble. ThenCasino At Santa Catalina Island is a music hall.

There are many interesting windows and doors. These are the two main entrances.

And the Ticket Window between the Main Doors.

And finally, the Back Door with a Tourist Guest:

Dear Blogger Friends, as you read this posting I will be returning from a Vision Evaluation at the Mayo Clinic. Long, long journey. You can catch on some of it Saturday when I post another ‘Through the Glass’ update.

5 thoughts on “Santa Catalina Casino”

  1. Hello Kathleen: Thank you for your photographs.Quite a building.I am waiting with great hope for your report from the clinic.Drive safely. Love,Janina Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  2. I hope your visit went well. I love the doors. There is something special about theater doors and doors to entertainment venues. It’s almost like the anticipation can be seen in the doors.


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