First Doors for 2021: The Toscana

The Toscana was a ‘Snowbird resort catering mostly to Canadians and people from the northern Midwest USA. The most interesting Door at The Toscana was the Garage Door. Here from the outside, a very steep entrance. When driving in you almost feels like you’re going to hit it, mostly because the automatic door opener didn’t work very well. from the outside.

Here exiting from below…..

So I thought I would start the year with something different, In this case a joint posting of my images and my husbands. That will happen from time to time.

Below the typical Toscana Condo Entrance, crowded by parked cars:

There are several Condo Buildings, including more upscale townhouses……….

The Condos are where I stayed last year when I was at the Mayo Clinic. All in all, if I had to be sick, it was a pretty nice place to stay,

13 thoughts on “First Doors for 2021: The Toscana”

  1. Excellent post. I am familiar with those steep entrances, and they are daunting, especially if the door is slow to open. The townhouses are beautiful. I’m sorry you were sick (I hope you’re better now) but you’re right, not a bad place to stay.

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  2. Love all these shiny bright doors. Am confused, I read in your comment on Thurs. Doors that you’re staying in Phoenix (Arizona?) because we had a pleasant time there on a night while driving from California to Texas! hope your year is starting off easy and relaxed!


    1. I was in Phoenix for a month at the Mayo Clinic for follow-up appointments. I live in Denver area now and have for 14 years. We ‘ve had a nice time exploring the mountains around Phoenix. We especially enjoyed the Saguaro NationalPark near Tuscon.


  3. I’m familiar with the steep underground parking entrances. The condo buildings look beautiful. I’m sorry to hear you were sick. I hope you’re better now. I’m visiting from Thursday Doors.

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  4. Perused your blog a little after your reply (thank you!) – sorry for all you had to go through. Even though your concern is about your eyes, I I gasped at your photo after your hair was cut off. A good thing it will grow back! Am glad you saw some things around Phoenix. If it would not be so hot most of the year I would think about living there:)


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