Where Do We Go FrOM Here?

Over the bext twoo weeks I will be deciding the Fate of the Blog. I am now visually impair and may eventually go blind. Now, I could continue to blog, but WordPress IS NOT making it easy. So Should I continued the Drama? If you want me to try to continue this Blog vote a Like. Another option may be to use my BlogSpot Blog and see gowm that wotks.

I wojteven mention how difficult is wa to yp load the Imagr OMG!

4 thoughts on “Where Do We Go FrOM Here?”

  1. Really sorry to hear about your eyesight Kathleen and wish you well. If you want to continue blogging then I say you should go for it. If than means moving to a platform that you find more suitable, go for that too. Do what works best for you. Take care.


  2. I’m also sorry to read this. Just had another bogging friend say that she has some sort of vision issue and is quitting blogging to enjoy whatever time she has left of sight to see other things and people. I’d say it’s up to you. If blogging fulfills a part of you you can’t find elsewhere, continue as long as it’s enjoyable. If it’s too frustrating, we understand. Either way I pray all the best for you.



  3. I am sorry to hear about your eyesight. I enjoy your posts, but if it’s too much work, I understand. WordPress doesn’t make it easy, and there are so many things they could do to help.


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