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Not a Photo Contest as such, but Ilford Sponsors a number of Photo Thinking Competitions on Twitter run by Jason Avery.  Last year I also won film for #filmjune.  I won again this year and here is my #filmjune 2019 award:


Coincidentally I’ve been shooting a lot of Ilford HP5 this Spring/Summer.  So that will continue.  Donald is looking forward to trying the Ilford Chemicals.


Light, Space and Time Women’s Art Exhibit 2019:

LACDA 2018 Open:  


Y/OUR DENVER @Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Sponsored by the Denver Architectural Foundation:

The Artist’s Studio



Photographer’s Forum Spring 2018 Competition:


Light, Space & Time 555 Exhibition: Special Recognition Category

Light, Space & Time June 2018 Exhibit:  Landscapes, Special Merit



Light, Space & Time June 2018 Exhibit: Landscapes, Special Recognition



5 FRAMES @ the Moab Photo Symposium, May 3-6, 2018



NoBo Arts District, Boulder Colorado: March 2018


1650 Gallery “BLURRY”: January 2018, never notified……..I saw the posting on line by accident.



NoBo Arts District, Boulder Colorado:  February 2018


Light and Space Women’s Art Exhibition: January 2018


LACDA December 2017 Open Show:



One thought on “Now Showing”

  1. a joy and delight to revisit “the artist studio” which for me is “through a glass darkly”


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