From My 100 Year Old Camera

I recently purchased a Kodak No. 1 Autographic Junior 13340 from Etsy (Patent dates 1910-1913). What could have gone wrong with that!  But low and behold , I am learning to make it work.  And Conveniently this is a version that can accommodate 120 film. I was inspired by old family cameras to buy this one, but that’s another story:


And the Photos:


Still learning to focus….but I’m getting there…….next photos should be better.


And remember to check out the ‘Grand Unboxing‘.

5 thoughts on “From My 100 Year Old Camera”

  1. Looks like you are already enjoying you new camera.
    I find the old ones fun to use. Sometimes the lenses are quite sharp. Other times the slight imperfections seem to add character to the photo.

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  2. How interesting. I can barely work my cell phone camera. I love the retro idea, though. Sometimes the things we’ve moved on from are more attractive than we thought. Record albums for instance.

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